The thrones of Olympus
Country Greece
Creator Hephaestus
Location Olympus

All the descriptions of the thrones are from the story "The Palace of Olympus" by Robert Graves.


Zeus and Hera's thrones were both at the far end of the council hall. Their thrones were also the only two that faced the doors. If you walked in the door of the council hall you would see Zeus' throne on the left and Hera's throne on the right. All the male Olympian's thrones were all on the left facing the right and the female Olympian's thrones were all on the right facing the left.

Zeus' Throne Hera's Throne
Poseidon's Throne Demeter's Throne
Hephaestus' Throne Athena's Throne
Ares' Throne Aphrodite's Throne
Apollo's Throne Artemis' Throne
Hermes' Throne Dionysus' Throne


Zeus' throne was made out of black Egyptian marble, polished and gleaming, and inlaid with gold. Seven rainbow-coloured steps led up to it, and at the top, a dome respresenting the sky covered the throne. On the right arm of the throne was a ruby-eyed golden eagle.